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Rutger Hauer

Overleden op: 19-07-2019
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Bruno Lionack
Un grand Monsieur du cinéma nous a quitté. Je suis très triste et présente à tous les siens, toutes mes condoléances.
Bruno Lionack - Morbier
25 juli 2019
condoleance 12  |  
Per Lundberg
Tears in rain...... Condolences to his family and friends! Thank you for everything, Rutger!
Per Lundberg - TYRESÖ
25 juli 2019
condoleance 11  |  
Hans Slobbe
Sad, very sad.

Hans Slobbe - Khon Kaen Thailand
25 juli 2019
condoleance 10  |  
Hennie cramer
Allereerst heel veel sterkte voor de nabestaanden.....
Te jong heengegaan mijn held Floris.
Hennie cramer - Riobamba,Ecuador
25 juli 2019
condoleance 9  |  
I am so sad thet i learnt Rutger has passed away ! Condolences to Ineke and Ayesha
a big part of the trailer o my life disappeared, an icon, the dutch legend !

heartbroken, thanks for ur talent !
for ever and ever eternel love
25 juli 2019
condoleance 8  |  
Martin Jansen
pfff held! Welke rol je ook speelde. Altijd geweldig. Slechte films werden de moeite als jij erin meespeelde. RIP. Sterkte voor familie, vrienden, collega’s en alle echte filmliefhebbers.
Martin Jansen - Nieuw vennep
25 juli 2019
condoleance 7  |  
Regina Martins
But love is eternal, so you live!!!
Thanks for being so generous.
Sending my best vibes!
Regina Martins - Brazil
25 juli 2019
condoleance 6  |  
John Anonymous
You left an indelible mark upon millions of people Mr. Hauer, and we will miss you terribly now that you have moved on. Your extemporaneous speech at the end of "Blade Runner" may have become a cliche, but it was the kind of statement that could only come from deep in the heart of a truly empathic individual - through this famous soliloquy you will quite literally live on in our collective memory, for as long as man and cinema still exist upon the face of this small rock circling our small star.

Rest In Good and Restful Peace. We all loved you.
John Anonymous - Saint Louis
25 juli 2019
condoleance 5  |  
Lisa Smith
Praying for the family and friends
Lisa Smith - Kinston
25 juli 2019
condoleance 4  |  
Jelmer Stolp
Meilibjen en leafde,
Gutsk mar ferslein,
Tige tank
Jelmer Stolp - Sneek
25 juli 2019
condoleance 3  |  
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