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Rutger Hauer

Overleden op: 19-07-2019
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Vania  De Lange
Rust in vrede Lieve Rutger ! We houden van jou, al jouw fans over de hele wereld ! Goodbye dear Captain Navarre !!!!❤ bedankt voor alles
Vania De Lange - São Paulo, Braziie
25 juli 2019
condoleance 19  |  
Dave Michael Guller Grønvall-pedersen

My small poet from me to you.

Thank you for all you work.
Thank you for the StarFish.
Thank you for giving time.
Thank you for the Poets.

Thank you for being you.

Thanks MR. Rutger Hauer

- Dave Grønvall-Pedersen

Dave Michael Guller Grønvall-pedersen - Denmark
25 juli 2019
condoleance 18  |  
Christopher Carlsson
“The flame that burns twice as bright burns for half as long , and you have burned so very , very brightly”
Christopher Carlsson - Rochester
25 juli 2019
condoleance 17  |  
G-Marie Assenza
Men of this metal should live to 101. May comfort find home within the hearts of Ineke and family.
G-Marie Assenza - USA
25 juli 2019
condoleance 16  |  
Christopher Carlsson
You have done extraordinary things, revel in your time ...
Christopher Carlsson - USA
25 juli 2019
condoleance 15  |  
Karin Goes
Gecondoleerd met het overlijden van Rutger Hauer.
Karin Goes - Amsterdam
25 juli 2019
condoleance 14  |  
David  Hoeppner
I was devastated, without words and unable to imagine a world without Rutger Hauer when I heard the sad news. I'm still in shock, because he was such a big part of my life for 30 years, his legacy will continue to do so, but it's hard to face the reality that Rutger is not with us anymore. I wish his wife Ineke and his family so much strength and love in these hardest of times. R.I.P.
David Hoeppner - Wuppertal, Germany
25 juli 2019
condoleance 13  |  
Bruno Lionack
Un grand Monsieur du cinéma nous a quitté. Je suis très triste et présente à tous les siens, toutes mes condoléances.
Bruno Lionack - Morbier
25 juli 2019
condoleance 12  |  
Per Lundberg
Tears in rain...... Condolences to his family and friends! Thank you for everything, Rutger!
Per Lundberg - TYRESÖ
25 juli 2019
condoleance 11  |  
Hans Slobbe
Sad, very sad.

Hans Slobbe - Khon Kaen Thailand
25 juli 2019
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