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Rutger Hauer

Overleden op: 19-07-2019
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Ellen Andersen
Rust in vrede, Rutger Hauer
Ellen Andersen - Bryssel
29 juli 2019
condoleance 122  |  
Ronny Dozier
Our condolences, Rutger was a great man and true hero. He will be missed tremendously. Our prayers are with Rutger's wife and family.

R. Dozier
Ronny Dozier - La Pine
29 juli 2019
condoleance 121  |  
Amanda A
Whoever you actually were, you always felt familiar to me, since the first time I saw you in a film, in the early 80s. Your voice (and your face)resonated with me in a way that felt like destiny. Indeed, I married a man that could have been your stunt double. You were a great actor, a beautiful man. From what I have read, you made the very most of your life, including being a loyal and loving husband to your wife for 50 years. Now that’s a MAN! I am proud of you as a human, you did well. Thank you for being! Au revoir, Rookie Cookie!
Amanda A - Boston
28 juli 2019
condoleance 120  |  
Aiello Patrizia
I waited a few days to find the words but it's really hard for me; Rutger Hauer has always shown great interpretations and extreme rigor in his
work; in his eyes you could find irony, deep feelings and wisdom; a great loss for all those who have appreciated and loved him, I am moved, profound condolences to the family and his friends, that his soul can shine forever like the same light of his eyes did in life and that the light accompanies his loved family and friends,
Patrizia Aiello ❤️
Aiello Patrizia - Italy
28 juli 2019
condoleance 119  |  
fre dorama hendriks
ik zag je voor het eerst met turks fruit..floris was voor mijn tijd.

Je bent altijd de mooiste nederlandse acteur aller tijden

als ik je zag bleef ik aan de buis gekluisterd
fre dorama hendriks - sneek
28 juli 2019
condoleance 118  |  
Gerdina en Luuk Kleiker-Visser
Troost en sterkte toegewenst aan de echtgenote, en verdere familie van Rutger Hauer.

Een mooie uitspraak van hem heb ik in mijn geheugen gegrift. "Wat je mist in je leven, dat is niet het doel." Mijn antwoord hierop aan hem zou zijn geweest: "Diep in jezelf zit een stem, innerlijke vriend, die je het pad laat zien. Vaak is het pad zelf, en niet de eindstreep het doel".

Jij hebt je pad gevolgd, een mooi doel bereikt.... Het gemis zal groot zijn, voor familie, vrienden en fans. En je mag best weten Rutger....mijn man en ik noemden je altijd Ome Rutger. Vaak wandelden we in het mooie bos in Beetsterzwaag, rondom het Landgoed Lauswolt. Dat zullen we ook blijven doen, om jou in herinnering GROOT te houden. > Gerdina Kleiker-Visser, Een.
Gerdina en Luuk Kleiker-Visser - Een
28 juli 2019
condoleance 117  |  
Gerry Kissell
I know I speak for everyone on the team at when I say how much we love and are going miss Rutger. We wish his family the best, and want them to know they are in our thoughts during such a painful time. Rutger was so gracious to us, especially to me over the years. I consider him a friend, and am utterly heart broken at his passing.
Gerry Kissell
Gerry Kissell - Springfield
28 juli 2019
condoleance 116  |  
Florent Cuaz
All my condolences for the Family.
Rutger was a part of my artistic life since Blade Runner, my all time favorite movie, but I was looking for all his others appearances, in movies, series, even video games and music.
Florent Cuaz - Fontainebleau, France
28 juli 2019
condoleance 115  |  
Anne Hoogland
We missen in u een groot acteur. Heb genoten van de serie Flores en alle films. Sterkte voor de nabestaanden in deze en de komende tijd.

Anne Hoogland - OUDEMIRDUM
28 juli 2019
condoleance 114  |  
Rhonda Randall
Rutger has always been a life long favorite of mine. Those eyes, that smile, that voice... Every movie took on a whole new dimension with him in it. Rutger, I am deeply saddened and you will be missed. Thank you for making this world such a better place, God speed.
Rhonda Randall - USA
28 juli 2019
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