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Rutger Hauer

Overleden op: 19-07-2019
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Patricio Madrigal Cauduro
His life and his work transcend boundaries. I’m from Mexico and as almost of us, I knew him by his work, and gave us a lot by his dedication. He is my favorite actor of all times, and I’ll find him immortal in this way.
I’m deeply concerned by his family and near ones. May they find ease, peace and may be well.
Patricio, from Mexico.
Patricio Madrigal Cauduro - Mexico
11 oktober 2019
condoleance 149  |  
HG Vegter
Rest In Peace, dear Rutger. Thoughts and prayers with the family.
HG Vegter - Drachten
10 oktober 2019
condoleance 148  |  
Bonnie Bretz
My deepest sincere condolences to Rutger's wife, Ineke, his family and friends! The world is a little dimmer since the loss of this great man! And heaven is a little brighter! God bless!
Bonnie Bretz - York, Pa., USA
5 oktober 2019
condoleance 147  |  
Alison McAloon
Sending our deepest condolences to all Rutgers family and friends All our love from Scotland ????????????????????????????
Alison McAloon - Dunoon
13 september 2019
condoleance 146  |  
B. I.
Es gibt Momente im Leben, da steht die Welt für einen Augenblick still.
Und wenn sie sich dann weiter dreht, ist nichts mehr wie es war.
Du fehlst und es tut weh, sehr weh, nichts mehr von Dir zu hören.

Liebe Ineke, tief berührt möchte ich Ihnen mein aufrichtiges Mitgefühl aussprechen. Ich hoffe, daß Sie diesen großen Verlust verkraften werden.
In stiller Anteilnahme
B. I. - Rostock
23 augustus 2019
condoleance 145  |  
Andrés Redon
My deep condolences to wife Ineke, family, relatives and friends of Rutger. I lost a friend and a great actor.I will miss him. I am very sad , he has a lot of energy, he had a young spirit, I am very sad.
Andrés Redon - Concón, Chile
21 augustus 2019
condoleance 144  |  
Steve Clark
So very sorry to hear of Great Mr Hauer passing...been a fan since early blade days first view... fantastic actor kept up with his many films and met him briefly at the London comic com few years back... I would like to thank his web site and dedicate my poem Hunters of the savage garden, in memory.
Favourite actor.
respects to family... Steven Markus Clark
Steve Clark - Scotland
10 augustus 2019
condoleance 143  |  
Carol Ashworth
Such a very sad loss to the world, and to all those people that loved him while his light danced across our screens. He was unique, multi-talented, vibrant, giving, multi-faceted, and a deeply private man. May he journey on in the knowledge that he was much loved and will be awfully missed. Fondest thoughts go to his dear wife, and family members. They must feel his loss terribly. a big and great heart missing from their lives. Sending love.
Carol Ashworth - Morpeth
10 augustus 2019
condoleance 142  |  
S. B.
C'est avec retard que je présente mes condoléances à la famille de M. Hauer. J'ai eu la chance de le rencontrer une fois lors d'un festival. Joie immense de rencontrer l'acteur dont les rôles m'ont tant impressionnée. J'ai toujours gardé en mémoire cet instant et sans le connaitre, sa présence a illuminé bien des instants de ma vie. Alors merci M. Hauer, et pensées à toux ceux à qui vous devez manquer cruellement.
S. B.
S. B. - Tournus
10 augustus 2019
condoleance 141  |  
Tina van der Velde
De wereld verliest een mooi mens! ????
De herinnering zal ik blijven koesteren.
"Mijn" Floris en grote jeugdheld, Rutger Hauer.
Wens de nabestaanden alle sterkte toe
in deze periode van rouw en verdriet.
In gedachten een arm om jullie heen!
Liefste groeten van, Tina v.d. Velde uit Gorredijk.

Tina van der Velde - Gorredijk
9 augustus 2019
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