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Rutger Hauer

Overleden op: 19-07-2019
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Aleksandra Szymanska
This is yet another summer season when the time 'stops' for one to ponder over the great loss of this talented actor, poet, and fundraiser. Rutger Hauer's artistic commitment and humanitarian attitude shall live in our hearts forever...
Aleksandra from Poland
Aleksandra Szymanska - London, UK
24 juli 2021
condoleance 162  |  
Vania de Lange
Dear Rutger, 2 years ago you left us, but you are still alive in our hearts, we will always love you !
Vania de Lange - Sao Paulo, Brazil
21 juli 2021
condoleance 161  |  
Jan Duursma
Ik denk nog heel vaak aan deze pracht man
Jan Duursma - DRACHTEN
19 juli 2021
condoleance 160  |  
Carola Ashworth
Never far from our thoughts, bold Sir. Warmest wishes to your loved ones, and all who miss your light in what can seem a dark world.
Carola Ashworth - Morpeth
1 augustus 2020
condoleance 159  |  
Aleksandra  Szymanska
To Rutger's family and friends,
July always will be a commemorating month in my calendar. I will never forget the feeling of disappointment and disbelief; till this day I just can not believe that this talented actor and poet died so suddenly when he still could continue as a great family member, friend, and the charity founder. Rutger says in his great improvisation, 'time to die'... I want to scream today: time to wake up, Mr Hauer, and come back! You have died tomorrow!!!
Aleksandra Szymanska
Aleksandra Szymanska - London
22 juli 2020
condoleance 158  |  
Marjolein Robeerst
Nog altijd in gedachten, rust zacht meneer Hauer.
Marjolein Robeerst - Cleethorpes
20 juli 2020
condoleance 157  |  
Jan Schonenburg
Nog altijd het gemis, van een grote karakteristieke persoonlijkheid.

Maar tevens dankbaarheid dat we Rutger Hauer op veel fronten van zo dichtbij mee hebben mogen maken.

Was het niet persoonlijk, dan wel op het witte doek of in de mooie interviews.

Wens hierbij het gezin en de familie veel steun en sterkte met het verwerken van dit verlies.
Jan Schonenburg - Hurdegaryp
20 juli 2020
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Mirolava Paredes
Rest in peace Rutger Hauer, all the fans around the world, we're going to miss him a lot, heaven has another Angel, my family and I we're sending our deepest condolences to the family.
Mirolava Paredes - México
20 juli 2020
condoleance 155  |  
Christopher Carlsson
I still can't believe that Mr Hauer is gone. He was such a monumntal talent and humanitarian . We are all much diminshed by his death, but his work still lives on in both fil and the Starfish Foundation .
Christopher Carlsson - Rochester
20 juli 2020
condoleance 154  |  
Christopher Carlsson
“The flame that burns twice as bright burns for half as long, and you have burned so very, very brightly”
You have done extraordinary things, revel in your time ...
Christopher Carlsson - Rochester
Christopher Carlsson - Rochester
20 juli 2020
condoleance 153  |  
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