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A. Abdoelbasier, fam. J., R., I., S. Ramdjanbeg
R.I.P. Mr. Ted Kennedy.
The Almighty Lord will watch you!

Also our condoleances to family and friends. Much strength for the casualty!
A. Abdoelbasier, fam. J., R., I., S. Ramdjanbeg - Zoetermeer, Den Haag, Suriname
31 augustus 2009
condoleance 54  |  
You watched over America and the world.
May the Lord now watch over you.
Rest in Peace.
Jose - Delft
31 augustus 2009
condoleance 53  |  
Hen Ofox
May you reach the better place you fought for
So that you can rest in peace for ever
May your famely be allowed to live the life it likes
In the better place you thought this world could be
Hen Ofox - B.o.Z.
31 augustus 2009
condoleance 52  |  
Bill Michel Bromet
To :The family Ted Kennedy

Thanks for everything you\\\'ve done to help make this world a better place to live in.
I am from the Kennedy generation and my parents even named my brother after John Fitzgerald.
What I admired most is Ted Kennedy\\\'s drive to go to work day after day plugging away fighting to get legislation in place to help make life better for the ordinary people. Never giving up not even after so many tragedies. I heard many people who knew him well say. \\\"It was not about him\\\" he was there for others. I looked at the reading class where he would go to a school on a regular basis and read with the kids not for a photo opportunity but because he believed in the strength of education. Again thanks for everything you have done also on behalf of my wife Lies Bromet and my daughter Rocheline Dekkers-Bromet. STAY STRONG AS YOU ALWAYS DO an may Ted rest in peace
Bill Michel Bromet - Nieuwegein
30 augustus 2009
condoleance 51  |  
André de Hooge
Rest in peace!!
André de Hooge - Heerhugowaard
29 augustus 2009
condoleance 50  |  
na een lange slopende ziekte is er een eind gekomen aan dit leven .
is heen gegaan waar het beter is, geen pijn geen verdriet .
ik wenst de nabestaande veel liefde toe met deze moeilijke tijd die komen gaat wat verdriet en rouwen komt er na en dat is een lange tijd.
annette - swifterbant
28 augustus 2009
condoleance 49  |  
You watched over America and the world.
May the Lord now watch over you.
Rest in Peace.
Frans - Oss
28 augustus 2009
condoleance 48  |  
een groot verlies en een legende is heen gegaan veel sterkte voor de na bestaande fan ted kennedy en ook voor zijn vrienden en colega\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s veel sterkte de kommende dagen rust in vrede lievr ted
ursula - sittard
28 augustus 2009
condoleance 47  |  
Jacques van den Buijs.
Mijn innige deelneming aan de familie.
Jacques van den Buijs. - Breda.
28 augustus 2009
condoleance 46  |  
Wiel Meurs
The last part from a great family died.
Wiel Meurs - Voerendaal
27 augustus 2009
condoleance 45  |  
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