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Stephen Gately (zanger Boyzone)

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Sorry for my late respons, didn\'t know what to said. And still don\'t know. Can\'t believe he is gone, had so many wonderfull years in 1995 until 2000. It\'s feels like losing a friend and it hurts. He sings you flew away and now if i hear the song thinking. True i never had the change to say goodbye and thank you for those wonderfull years you have giving me. Loving him with all my hart!

Dear Stephen, hoping you doing ok up there ? Hope to gonna meet you one day when my time is coming and we see eachother in heaven.

For the familie friends and andrew bless you all. And remember he will be always with you in your heart

xxx Leonique
Leonique - zoetermeer
30 oktober 2009
condoleance 226  |  
wat een tragisch nieuws en zo jong nog familie vrienden heel veel sterkte bij het verwerken bij dit verlies
simone - hoek van holland
26 oktober 2009
condoleance 225  |  
Natascha de Feijter
I was really shocked by this sad news. Another terrific famous person lost this year.
The week before I was talking to a friend about seeing him and the rest of Boyzone next year......
Also we were watching there show of last year. How an amazing show!
I want to give my condoleance to the family, friends and fans of Stephen Gately.
I will never forget him and I will always play there music. Such a beautifull voice/dancer.
I will miss him.

Rest in peace

love from the Netherlands
Natascha de Feijter - Nederland
17 oktober 2009
condoleance 224  |  
André de Hooge
Rest in peace!!!
André de Hooge - Heerhugowaard
17 oktober 2009
condoleance 223  |  
you are always in my hart your music was very nice thanks for all Stephen
charlene - hengelo
17 oktober 2009
condoleance 222  |  
We Zullen Je Missen, always in my heart
Colinda - Terneuzen
16 oktober 2009
condoleance 221  |  
loved you for a reason
fan - nederland
16 oktober 2009
condoleance 220  |  
Zo jong.. veelste jong.. Rust zacht lieve Stephen.
Leonie - Monster
16 oktober 2009
condoleance 219  |  
Een STER straalt aan de Hemel

Ik wens de nabestaanden heel veel
Kracht en Sterkte toe om dit grote
verlies te kunnen dragen!!
Marijke - N.Brabant
16 oktober 2009
condoleance 218  |  
johan van echten
R.I.P Stephen.
Words are not enough.
You died too young.
Your voice will be there forever
johan van echten - dalfsen
15 oktober 2009
condoleance 217  |  
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