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Robin Williams

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Rolf van Zutphen
Dank je voor vele uren kijkplezier. R.I.P.
Rolf van Zutphen - Apeldoorn
14 augustus 2014
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Diana Kinkel
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Diana Kinkel - Zoetermeer
14 augustus 2014
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Nicolle Bogaers
Rest In Peace dear Robin
Nicolle Bogaers - Oss
13 augustus 2014
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Angela van de Laar
veel sterkte en licht voor hen die hij achter liet. Voor mij was hij een soort held, zoals hij zijn rollen vertolkte in films. Een mooi mens, denk ik! Ik ga hem missen!
Angela van de Laar - Breda
13 augustus 2014
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Sandy van der Kolk
If only someone could have taken away the darkness..... now the world is a bit darker. My heart aches when i think of your struggle we never knew about. I hope you've found your peace now. You'll be missed !!! Rest in peace dear dear dear mr Williams.
Sandy van der Kolk - Amersfoort
13 augustus 2014
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john peeters
Why o why we never know,
Butt is your choice,and we must respect it.
A great person,left earth,and become's a star.
And while shine light in the dark.

I whises his familie good luck in this

A big fan says goodbye from holland
john peeters - nijmegen
13 augustus 2014
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Liz de Gaper
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Liz de Gaper - Oudenbosch
13 augustus 2014
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Ineke Smit
Dear Robin,
You will be missed by many people all over the world and me.
You gave me so much joy and laughter, i loved you from the moment you played Mork from Ork.
I saw all your movies and watched intervieuws on you tube.
My greatest wish was that i would ever got the opportunnity to meet you in live person.
Now its to late.......the world has lost a wonderfull and great actor.
I hope you found peace
Ineke Smit - Amsterdam
13 augustus 2014
condoleance 45  |  
Ed  de Jong
You have made life nice! Your humor....your seriounsess!
I know that life takes its toll! Bi-polair you where..
One time the clown...depressive another time....trying to solve it with cocaine and alcohol......I know what you went trough!! Been there, seen it...done it!!
I hope that you found peace now!
I will pray for you!!

It feels like I Lost a best friend!

God speed, my friend!!

Ed de Jong - gouda
13 augustus 2014
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prive prive
The wolrd wil never be the same whitout you. RIP
prive prive - Rhenen
12 augustus 2014
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