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Astrid van Lieverloo
Alweer zeven jaar geleden, het voelt nog steeds als de dag van gisteren. Ik mis je, je bent voor altijd in mijn hart.
Sterkte aan familie, vrienden en fans op deze moeilijke dag.
Astrid van Lieverloo - Oss
25 juni 2016
condoleance 3231  |  
ingrid sasbrink
The King of pop
WAAROM ??????????
we zullen je dans, maar ook de muziek missen
kan het nog niet geloven
for always in mij heart
ingrid sasbrink - nijverdal
1 september 2015
condoleance 3230  |  
Angel VD
Dear Family....
When i saw the "in memory of Michael" on tv yesterday it made me sad. Such a beautifull loving person. He was all about love,fun and laughter.
Hard working, an talent which we will never see again .
I hope his children are alright and they know how a great and loving father they had. He loved his childeren more than anything. Michael was for me the most loving and caring person in the world. Shy...full of energy and love. I believe he has a beautifull place in heaven and his lord will watch over him. He will live for ever in my hart and in his music. I wish his parents en brothers and sisters the courage and love off Michael .....he was soo much loved by his fans. rest in peace dear
Angel VD - Holland
27 juni 2015
condoleance 3229  |  
Astrid van Lieverloo
I will never forget you. For Always in my heart.
Astrid van Lieverloo - Megen
26 juni 2015
condoleance 3228  |  
Karin Weterings
Always in our hearts and never forget. ❤️❤️
Karin Weterings - Delft
26 juni 2015
condoleance 3227  |  
Maria Schuurman
I always love him zo Well i de
Maria Schuurman - Utrecht
25 juni 2015
condoleance 3226  |  
gaitrie sookhlall
For your always in my heart
gaitrie sookhlall - dordrecht
25 juni 2015
condoleance 3225  |  
Marianne xxxxx Boender
Dear Lord,

When he was beset with troubles in life, he had no one to turn to in this world,though he knew that someone in heaven watches, waiting for him to open up his heart...

Many times he wondered: "Am I worthy to call upon Your name?
For great is Your love and ercy and I am just Your lowly servant"

You were there for him at all times, shedding away the tears from his eyes, as he looked in Your heavenly abode Lord, You were great to him!

How many times he failed You yet, You were there to hold him
You gave him the strength to carry on. How much he needed You in his life, in his prayers, Your compassion and love abounds, still he was Your child at all times needing Your guidance, his Father up above...

You've provided everything he dreamt of, more than what he have asked for so much that he needed strength and wisdom not to fall from the wickedness of this world...

You are the only one who really knew him, for in his prayers he felt Your presence, comforting and touching his heart...

You were there with him in times of happiness and in loneliness, You strengthed his soul guided him in every moment of his life as he walked this earth, he so loved...

When he stumbled, You've lifted him, with Your Holy Spirit you guided his way Leading his path to righteousness...

Lord, please hear my prayer You wanted him to come Home in heaven, please hold him in Your loving arms and comfort my dear Michael forever...

My love RIP, untill we meet on the youngest day
Marianne xxxxx Boender - Barendrecht
25 juni 2015
condoleance 3224  |  
mimi verhaar
Thank you for who you made the world a better place by sharing yourself, your music and words.
I remember you.
mimi verhaar - oegstgeest
25 juni 2015
condoleance 3223  |  
Gitta Willemsen
Still missing you and your music...
Gitta Willemsen - Wijk bij Duurstede
25 juni 2015
condoleance 3222  |  
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