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  • Our Hero
    herinnering 5   |   niet OK

    Ryan, last week we watched Jackass and bro you keep me smiling all the time.

    Thank you so much for all the laughing and bringing us such awesome and funny moments.

    I know you continue somewhere making a big party bro and please know you are always in our heart.

    Thanks for everything bro and be a pain in their ass. ;)

    Ray B

    Ray B - Den Haag
    22 juni 2019
  • 2017
    A true Hero
    herinnering 4   |   niet OK

    Ryan my bro,

    it's still so hard to believe...but i am sure that after 6 years already you have make heaven an even more better place...please keep on the parties up there bro and know you are always in our heart.... A true Hero never dies !!

    Ray B - The Hague
    20 juni 2017
  • 2016
    Miss you bro....
    herinnering 3   |   niet OK


    already 5 years ago and it's still so hard to accept your are no more around us.

    When i watch Jackass...and watching your parts of the scenes when having fun, doing the most grazy things, running around, etc...i realise how lucky heaven must be with such a great and wonderful person.

    Bro...keep the fun on the run upthere and so many thanks for everything !!

    Ray B - The Hague
    21 juni 2016
  • Always in our heart !!
    herinnering 2   |   niet OK

    Bro it still hurts but we know you make them laugh up there.

    Keep a place for me upthere bro so we can drink some together when the time comes and celebrate eternal laughs and jackass some peeps upthere.

    Big love and bro hugs,


    Ray B - The Hague
    20 juni 2015
  • Our Random Hero
    herinnering 1   |   niet OK

    3yrs ago someone awesome has been taken from us.

    But i'm sure where ever you are right give them what we so miss !

    Thanks for everything bro and be a pain in their ass. ;)

    Ray B - Den Haag
    20 juni 2014
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