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  • 2019
    Nog steeds een groot gemis ❤️
    herinnering 9   |   niet OK
    Nog steeds een groot gemis ❤️
    Marjo Van Vliet - Oosterhout
    10 januari 2019
  • 2019
    Thursday's Child
    herinnering 8   |   niet OK
    Ik heb nu een geschilderd portret van David in de woonkamer hangen genaamd Thursday's Child gekocht in amerika.Ben er enorm blij mee zo zie ik hem iedere dag,en ik luister regelmatig naar zijn muziek,dat doe ik al sinds 1969 dus een fan sinds het eerste uur.Alweer drie jaar geleden maar nog altijd in mijn hart,en dat zal altijd zo blijven John.
    john van Welie - krimpen a/d ijssel
    10 januari 2019
  • 2018
    Letter to Duncan from Miss Annemarie Kroet
    herinnering 7   |   niet OK
    Dear Duncan Jones.
    After your father died I wrote my sympathy for him in the register, you and your family opened for him.
    I have been working as a peer in psychiatry for 13 years and before that, I have been working for 11 years with disabled people in Holland.
    I have always been very open about the diagnosis I got when I was 25 years of age. But stigma runs deep, so it took me more then half of my live to relieve me from this burden.
    I wrote in the condolence register you made, that your dad has played an important role in my psychoses, who started shortly after high-school.
    As a peer, I started a band in Holland at Parnassia called: 'Brood Soep en Spelen' with my clarinet teaches Hans Witteman, shortly after premier Mark Rutte decided to cut down on culture. Hans lost his fixed income as a clarinet teacher at the music school in The Hague but kept his job at the Ereprijs, which is a orchestra for modern music in Holland.
    With 'Brood Soep en Spelen, the two of us, started at Parnassia he earned a fair income.
    In 'Soep Brood en Spelen', everybody was welcome. Even persons who could not play and instrument were welcome. The repetitions were weekly and most of them started with a lot of complaints against the system, we were all victims of. Mostly we were talking about changes of medication or financial worries, but after a meal of bread and soup, we were in a better mood, and after making music together, we always left in a bright mood. Everybody was happy after Brood Soep en Spelen.

    As for music: Hans worried about all the little bands who were making modern music that disappeared due to the economy measures.

    My mum, who was a wise woman, asked me if I wanted te take violin lessons when I was 8 years old because she thought those could be of use when I was older and when I was going through hard times.

    Due to the pills the psychiatrists told me te take when I was 25 (suffering from psychoses), my hands were so stiff that playing the violin was nearly impossible. There is a medicine name artane that reduces the side-effects and with that medicine I played for a short time salon music at the music school in The Hague, when I was about 30 years old. Playing in this band of Peter Lefeber, was very good for me because it was my return to the normal world. My dad payed for a real violin with a dark colour and a dark sound and for my lessons. My violin teacher Liet Relou helped me with the choice of the instrument.

    Because of the side effects of artane, I decided at the age of 40 to stop with this medicine, and for a few years I did not play any instrument at all.
    In the year my mum died (2010) I started to play the clarinet again, because this instrument seemed not as difficult as the violin and the stiffness of my hands was not such a big item on the clarinet. My mum Joke Koppe, died of a heart attack and she has never heard me play the clarinet.

    She thought I went insane at 25 because of too many gifts. She thought I could not choose what to make of them in my teens. In my fathers opinion I went insane because of the divorce from my mum when I was 8.
    I think both facts drove me crazy.

    My mum was a beautiful mother. Nearly as beautiful as your mum Angie when she gave birth to you, but not so world wise. She has been my external safety after I got hospitalized.

    My work as a peer in psychiatry has been too hard for me, but playing the clarinet gave some light in my live. Actually it made me very happy.

    Right now I am an 'old' woman, 53 years of age and my hair turned totally grey after 9 months of hospitalization at Rivierduinen recently, which is the first time since ages that I got hospitalized after the day I decided to slowly reduce my medication. (But I have a lot a curls left :) )

    When I was about 10 years old, I red during a vacation with my dad in a glossy named 'Story' that you father Bowie had named you Zowie, Which I thought was an unsound name for a child.
    Later on, when I was about 22, my friend Siem Boon told me that your dad was inspired by this book of Salinger called Franny an Zooey, and that your name was Zooey and not Zowie, and that you named yourself Joey at that time.
    I gave all the books of Salinger tot my Tibetan friend Choq Dorjee in the time I was staying at the Maytreija institute in Maasbommel (which was near Oss) at 22. This was an institute for Tibetan Buddhism, and I was staying there mostly of identity problems.
    I left this institute under the illusion that I was the Maijtreija, which seemed to me at that time an idea of an unsound mind, but it was as well an illusion I lived in.

    Shortly after leaving Maasbommel I went to London for a consult with R.D. Laing, a well known anti psychiatrist, who was at that time not so populair anymore, and probably alcoholic.
    With his wife Jutta I had an argument about his fee, because I was under the impression that I already had paid for my madness with my live, but she told me her husband was one of the best psychiatrists, so I paid the normal price for an expensive psychiatrist. (expensive in my opinion then).

    Laing had lovely eyelashes, and he wore a nice sweater -probably knitted by Jutta-, but all he did was listening and he advised me to go to the RIAGG in Holland, which was of no help, because that was regular care.
    What I dreamed of that time, was a little job with his staff and that I would be welcome to celebrate Christmas with him, because his family seemed warm. But I never asked him those things.

    After my return to Holland I went to the RIAGG, but that I was really insane became clear when I was 25, and shorty after that I was hospitalized at Parnassia.

    My story is one about music and insanity, the same two items that played a big role in the live of your dad.
    I recently red the book of your mum Angie about her relation with your dad and my conclusion is, that she has really loved him.
    What I hope for you is that you can go back to your roots.
    Money had ruined a lot in the world. Angie is still alive, and I am glad for you she is.
    Imam had her roots in Somalia, who are strong. Africa is a very rich continent I understood with a very lovely and strong nature. Your little sister will hopefully have more privacy then you ever had.

    Females know that money is not the answer, because giving birth to a child is for free, and it causes a lot of pain.

    I wish you the best Duncan in your live on this planet Earth.
    Space is a dream of your dad, which I think is not impossible, but if there is live in space, it will come to us for free, once this planet is a better one, or maybe even now in the form of animals of humans. This is what I believe.
    A lot a love from me to you.
    Annemarie Kroet.
    annemarie kroet - Den Haag
    13 januari 2018
  • Tekst
    herinnering 6   |   niet OK
    Twee jaar geleden alweer,het voelt als gisteren.
    john van Welie - krimpen a/d ijssel
    10 januari 2018
  • 2017
    herinnering 5   |   niet OK
    Is it sad to know
    that after fantastic voyage
    Major Tom went home ?
    David was/is my hero ! I'm 55 years and my daughters (34 en 32 years) grow up with his music. My daughter was 2 years young when she sang "star man" in our car. As kids they really enjoyed "Labyrinth".
    For us, he lives on and on and on.....
    I wrote this little poem (in haiku style). I hope it will comfort you.
    Loving regards ,
    Christel Deschuyteneer - België
    10 januari 2018
  • Ron
    herinnering 4   |   niet OK
    Hij lijkt nog op hem ook zei Ron de vriend van mijn zus irma. Terwijl ik mijn allereerst gekochte single zat te draaien . Het klonk ground controle to manager Tom uit de box die bij de koffer grammaphone van mijn ouders hoorde. Het was mijn aller eerste grammaphone plaat. Er zullen er nog 34 van Bowie volgen.


    Till we meet again
    David Quist - Vlissingen
    15 januari 2016
  • 1978
    herinnering 3   |   niet OK
    Als ik uitging vroeg ik de dj altijd om Heroes.Dit is altijd bij me gebleven.Heb hem gezien in concert in Nijmegen,en wat geweldig!In Dublin zing ik met hem in een clip van Heroes,hij groot op scherm en ik in zijn hoofd als het ware.Hij had zo,n aparte stem en kon zo goed zingen maar ook een goede show weggeven.
    marijke ten Tije - Almelo
    11 januari 2016
  • 1984
    Een held, zonder dit te weten
    herinnering 2   |   niet OK
    Ik was een jonge van pak weg 10 jaar oud en moest geopereerd worden aan mijn hart. Een gecompliceerde geboorte afwijking. Voor de operatie is het 1 en ander voorgevallen in de jaren ervoor. Als jongetje van 10 hoor je dat je niet lang te leven had. Ik moest dus geopereerd worden.

    Tijdens de operatie heb ik (ik vind het nog steeds moeilijk dit te vertellen) 2 schijndood ervaringen opgedaan en ben daardoor mijn hoop, geloof en realisatie kwijt geraakt.
    Op de intensieve care werd ik expres onder zeil gehouden om mijn herstel te verzekeren en te voorspoedige. Tijdens de eerste moment dat ik realiseerde dat ik een tweede kans had gekregen, speelde op de achtergrond het nummer Heroes van David Bowie.
    Dit was mijn eerste moment dat ik wist dat ik nog leef. Mijn kans op overleven was enorm laag en de chirurgen gaven maximaal 20% op slagen.

    Ik ben geen echte fan maar hij is wel een held voor mij.
    Bij het horen van het nummer Heroes kan ik het nog steeds niet droog houden en dank ik hem voor de daad die hij niet wist dat hij deze had gemaakte.

    De artsen waren de helden maar David Bowie gaf het belangrijkste, de realisatie voor mijn tweede kans en hoop.

    David Bowie, een held zonder dat hij het wist.
    wijnand van heerde - Schalkhaar
    11 januari 2016
  • Heroes
    herinnering 1   |   niet OK
    Beheerder Memori - Heijen
    11 januari 2016
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