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  • Salute to the Big Man
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    Salute to the Big Man

    Where evil was conquered by the good
    there was a Minister of soul
    Secretary of the brotherhood
    always in the service of Rock ‘n Roll

    Whenever sometimes ties might bind
    or blinded by the light
    you tried your damndest with all your might
    to keep the soul alive

    I don’t know what will become
    when giants ever die
    I hope that I will overcome
    and laugh until I cry

    Where hate and jealousy always failed
    to take the big man down
    a giant riot in the head prevailed
    the darkness over town

    If there’s a star for those who pass
    A mighty light will shine
    And all the saxes in the mass will
    blow. Clarence you’re a friend of mine!
    Peter van der Poel - Woerden
    Peter van der Poel - Woerden
    19 juni 2019
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